INVRT Trauma Tuck Medical Pouch

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Weight, Dimensions Closed (unloaded),


5.2 oz
Dimensions Closed (unloaded):
3.5 in (w) x 7 in. (h) x 2 in (d)

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No Excuses. Carry Medical

Get to your trauma items incredibly fast with this versatile “grip and rip” style medical pouch.

Does NOT include any medical components pictured.

There are no excuses not to have it! Purchase as a medical carrier only and outfit it yourself, or buy it with a small med kit effective in both self and buddy-aid scenarios.

Designed for RAPID deployment and versatility, the newest version of the INVRT Medical Pouch (V2) is a fantastic solution for carrying a variety of first aide and trauma items on your PALS platform.

The V2 is composed of two components, the outer “shell” and the “insert”. The outer shell is a high-strength elastic that has two columns on PALS on the back for mounting to an INVRT or any other PALS platform. The insert consists of a laser cut laminated 500D Cordura base and a “belt”. The base features two elastic “pockets” and two “loops”. The two “pockets” across the base are for primary medical items such as gauze, hemostatic agents, chest seals, etc. and the two “loops” can carry such things as decompression needles, nasal airways, or Sharpies (for writing times on tourniquets). The “belt” of the insert wraps around the base using hook and loop and forms a standalone pouch that does not require the shell. This can be thrown into another bag or kept in a vehicle for non-PALS mounted applications. The “belt” also features its own PALS cutouts, allowing an additional pouch (like our pistol magazine pouch) or our dedicated tourniquet pouch (coming soon) to be added. The pouch also includes a hook/loop strap for storing trauma shears in the PALS section of the “belt.”

The beauty of this pouch is when you combine the shell and the insert, yielding a highly versatile, rapidly deployable trauma kit. Simply load the insert into the shell and secure the insert to the outside of the shell using the “belt.” When your med kit is needed, GRIP and RIP the “belt,” and the insert comes free of the shell and the contents are rapidly accessible.

  • Ultra fast deployment
  • 5″ mil-spec elastic sleeve for secure retention
  • Interior “tear-away” insert retains items
  • 2″ wide loop field on front with additional PALS column
  • PALS webbing compatible, clips included
  • Fits NAR Hyfin Vent chest seals
  • Can also be used for other non-med items
  • Made in the USA and is Berry Compliant