PIMP 2 Slot Pistol Mag Carrier

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PIMP 2 Slot Pistol Mag Carrier in Black
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PIMP Double Stack 9/40 Magazine Carrier 

Built on stiff 2" wide  composite foundation and utilizing 2" elastic webbing, these carriers are designed for firm retention while mounted in your pack or bag or anywhere you have a velcro loop field.  3" wide hook, sewn to the back of the carrier, provides a firm but flexible backer.

These work well with double stacked handgun mags as well as similar sized items like multi-tools, first aid supplies and flashlights.  The P.I.M.P. is  available configured with two or three slots.  Each P.I.M.P. is configured with a single small accessory loop at each end. These loops will hold pens, markers, chem lights, AA or CR123 batteries and various tools.

  • 2.5x4"  composite foundation
  • 3" Hook Backer Inserts Into Most Packs and Bags With Loop Interior
  • 2" wide nylon elastic for retention
  • Slots work with most double stack mags or similar sized items not wider than 1.5 inches
  • Small Accessory Loops on Both Ends.