• Baseline Single Point Sling
Baseline Single Point Sling

Baseline Single Point Sling



The Baseline Single Point sling is designed for PDW, AR Pistol's, or other compact systems. Weighing just over 2 ounces, the Baseline Single Point is feather light, but offers big adjustability with a simplified SwiftAdjust system. The SwiftAdjust technology let's the user adjust for tight retention or loosen for quick offhand uses and unusual positions. 


  • 1" nylon webbing main body. A liberal amount of webbing is provided so that you can size accordingly.
  • SwiftAdjust slider assembly offers a single point of length adjustment, making quick work of lengthening or shortening the sling.
  • Second point of adjustment lets you custom fit how snug or loose the sling hugs the body.
  • Side release buckle lets you bail out of the sling quickly.

The Baseline single point sling is designed to allow you to install your choice of sling mounting solutions. The end is left open with a tri-glide buckles allowing you to trim to size and run many popular sling attachments options. Click Here for Sling Mounting Hardware

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