• Wise Men Company Heavy Duty Hoodie.
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  • Wise Men Company Hoodie
Wise Men Company Heavy Duty Hoodie.

Wise Men Company Hoodie


Wise Men Company Hoodies utilize a heavy 10 oz. Hanes Ultimate Cotton sweatshirt that fits like a well-loved favorite. The sweatshirt is 85% cotton and 15% polyester and will shrink some after washing. Sizes do run slightly large since they are desgined to wear over other clothing. The hoodies feature the Wise Men Company logo across the back and also on the front in the breast pocket area. This sweatshirt is the perfect cool weather companion and will increase your cool weather combat skills by an average of 5%. That last part might not be totally true, but you will sure look good doing anything with this hoodie on.


The evergreen tree in our logo comes from George Washington's Appeal to Heaven flag, and the two stars represent Pennsylvania, where the company was founded.

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