The Wise Guy Pocket Tool pulls no punches and compliments any every day carry (EDC) setup. Sporting 3 box wrench sizes, a 1/4" bit driver, a cap lifter, mini prybar, and a knuckle protector, this D2 steel pocket tool always rises to the occasion. The Wise Guy's high quality powder coat finish comes in either Dark Oil Bronze or Gun Metal Gray. The chamfered edges assure a comfortable and positive grip. The Wise Guy comes with a double ended #2 phillips and #6 flat head bit, o-rings, and a handy clear top survival tin. Semi-Guaranteed to make men jealous and women swoon.

Disclaimer: The Wise Guy is designed as a handy tool for light to medium use and NOT TO BE A WEAPON. Misuse of the product is at the purchasers risk and Wise Men Company will not be held accountable for negligence. 

Current Stock:
Width: 10.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 1.00



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